The Ultimate Collection Of Herbal Tea Remedies

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Are you looking for a more natural way to obtain relief for common ailments? Inside this ebook you will find a wide selection of recipes for herbal teas that will have you feeling better in no time. Why fill your body with man-made chemicals and risk the side-effects that many drugs can have, when you can use natural remedies? Table Of Contents 21st Century Tea ADD/ADHD Remetea After Dinner Carminative Tea Allergy Season Blend Aphrodite Blend Tea Bladder Infections Tea Blood Builder Tea Blossoms of Health Tea Blues Tea Breast Health Tea Broncial Congestion Tea Calming Tea 1 Calming Tea 2 Colds and Flu Tea Colds and Hoarseness Tea Winter Tea Coughing Fits Tea Crone Root Tea Detoxification Tea Dream Tea Dual Purpose Tea Echinacea & Roots Tea Evening Repose Tea Fever Reducer Tea Flashes Blend Tea Flu-away Fluid Retention Tea Tea for menstrual problems, fertility and childbirth. Forests Tea(formerly Lung Blend) Happy Man Tea Blend Happy Tummy Tea Headache Tea Healing Ginger tea Less Stress Tea Mellow Mood Tea Memory Zest Blend Moon Ease Tea My Nerves Are Shot Tea! Natural Concentration Tea Nausea Tea Nervous Stomach Tea Nervous Tension Tea "No-Sweat" Tea Pinkeye tea recipe Pleasant Dreams Quiet Child Tea Quiet Time Tea Rejuvenation Tea Relaxation Tea Sleep Tea Recipe Soothing Tea Spiced Relief Tea For Health Tea for Nervousness Tummy Tea Upset Stomach Tea Urinary Infection Tea Winter Tea Wise Woman Tea Beauty From the Inside out! Tea - Patti's Pain Killer Stress-Reducing Rest Soar throat Licorice root Slippery Elm Peppermint The Common Cold Stomach ache Fever buster Tea Dry, raspy cough Aches and Pains Tea Blood Builder Tea Constipation Tea Cramp Tea Detox Tea Dry Congestion Tea During cold or sinus season Tea Epilepsy Combination Tea For Digestive Problems Heartburn Tea Hops Sleep Blend Memory Minder Tea Stop that Cough Tea Super Relaxer Tea Tranquility Tea Very Odd Cure for Bad Breath Baby Sleep Tea Depression Tamer Tea